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Structured Query Language - Intermediate

Structured Query Language - Intermediate

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Course Description:

In this intermediate SQL course, you'll build on your foundational knowledge to delve deeper into querying and managing databases. You'll learn advanced techniques for manipulating data, designing complex queries, and optimizing database performance. Through hands-on exercises and real-world examples, you'll gain practical experience in writing efficient SQL code and troubleshooting common issues.

Modules Covered:

Module 1: Introduction to Structured Query Language
Module 2: Brief History Of Database
Module 3: The Select Query
Module 4: Data Definition Language
Moduele 5: Data Manipulation Language Statements
Module 6: Data Definition Language Statements
Module 7: Sql Basic Sql - Aggregate Functions
Module 8: Date functions
Module 9: Union, Union All & Intersect Operators
Module 10: Joins
Module 11: Views & Indexes
Module 12: Sub-Queries

Training Outcome:

  • Master advanced SQL querying techniques to extract specific data subsets efficiently.

  • Develop skills in creating and optimizing complex database queries to meet various business needs.

  • Learn advanced database management concepts, including indexing, normalization, and transaction control.

  • Gain proficiency in implementing data integrity constraints and handling exceptions in SQL.

  • Acquire practical problem-solving skills to troubleshoot and optimize SQL queries and database performance.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 95 reviews
    Abdus Salam alBaccus
    Engaging Learning Experience

    I had an engaging learning experience with the SQL Intermediate course. The interactive exercises and quizzes kept me motivated throughout.

    Nabeela alRais
    Flexible Learning Pace

    Being self-paced, the course allows flexibility in learning. You can study at your own pace and revisit challenging topics as needed.

    Jaarallah alIsmael
    Confidence-Building Exercises

    The course’s emphasis on progressively challenging exercises helps build confidence in SQL query writing and problem-solving.

    Haitham elAbad
    Adaptable to Different Learning Styles

    The course accommodates different learning styles with a variety of instructional methods, making it accessible and effective for all learners.

    Hiwaaya elMustafa
    Thoughtful Curriculum Design

    The thoughtful curriculum design ensures that each module flows logically, building upon foundational concepts and gradually introducing more advanced topics.