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Robotics Process Automation-UiPath

Robotics Process Automation-UiPath

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“Responsible AI is not just about liability — it's about ensuring what you are building is enabling human flourishing.”

Course Description:

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of Robotics Process Automation (RPA), a technology that enables businesses to automate repetitive tasks using software robots. Students will learn how RPA can streamline business processes, increase efficiency, and reduce human error by automating tasks across various applications and systems. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on exercises, students will gain an understanding of RPA tools, workflows, and best practices. By the end of the course, students will be equipped with the skills to implement RPA solutions in real-world scenarios and contribute to organizational automation initiatives.

Modules Covered:

Module 1: Introduction to UiPath
Module 2: Excel Automation
Module 3: Recording
Module 4: Windows & Web Application Automation
Module 5: Scraping- Input vs Output Methods
Module 6: Mail, DB, Word and PDF Automation
Module 7: Exception Handling
Module 8: Project Organization

Training Outcome:

  • Understand the concept of Robotics Process Automation and its applications in various industries.

  • Gain proficiency in using RPA tools such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere, or Blue Prism to automate tasks.

  • Develop the ability to analyze business processes and identify opportunities for automation.

  • Learn how to design and implement RPA workflows to optimize efficiency and productivity.

  • Acquire troubleshooting skills to debug and maintain RPA solutions effectively.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 93 reviews
    Farha elIsmael
    Up-to-Date Content

    The content seems up-to-date with the latest trends in RPA and AI integration. It provides insights into how AI enhances RPA capabilities, which is crucial for understanding modern automation technologies.

    Madeeha elHamady
    Industry-Relevant Insights

    The course provides valuable insights into how RPA is transforming industries. Learning about AI's role in RPA applications was particularly enlightening.

    Raaniya alFarooqui
    Detailed Case Studies

    The inclusion of detailed case studies provided practical examples of successful RPA implementations, illustrating the benefits and challenges faced by organizations.

    Hanaan alNasir
    Hands-On Experience

    Despite being self-paced, the course provides ample hands-on experience through practical exercises and simulations, which are crucial for mastering RPA techniques.

    Zayyaan elShahan
    Instructor-Like Guidance

    Even without direct instructors, the course provides guidance akin to having a knowledgeable mentor. The structured content and detailed explanations serve as virtual instructors.