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Certified Ethical Hacking

Certified Ethical Hacking

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“Responsible AI is not just about liability — it's about ensuring what you are building is enabling human flourishing.”

Course Description:

The Certified Ethical Hacking course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to identify and assess vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks ethically. Through a combination of theoretical learning and hands-on practical exercises, students will learn various hacking techniques, tools, and methodologies used by malicious hackers to compromise systems. Additionally, the course will cover methods for assessing the security posture of organizations and implementing countermeasures to protect against cyber threats. Participants will gain insights into the ethical and legal considerations surrounding hacking practices, enabling them to conduct security assessments and penetration testing in a responsible and lawful manner.

Modules Covered:

Moudule 1: Welcome to Certified Ethical Hacking course
Module 2: What is Footprinting / Reconnaissance?
Module 3: What is Network Scanning?
Module 4: What is Enumeration?
Module 5: Vulnerability Analysis
Module 6: System Hacking
Module 7: Malware Threats
Module 8: Sniffing
Module 9: Social Engineering
Module 10: DOS
Module 11: Session Hijacking
Module 12: Evading IDS, Firewalls and Honeypots=
Module 13: Hacking Web Servers and Web Applications
Module 14: SQL Injection
Module 15: Hacking Wireless Network
Module 16: Hacking Mobile Platform
Module 17: IoT and OT Hacking
Module 18: Cloud Computing
Module 19: Cryptography

Training Outcome:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of ethical hacking and its importance in cybersecurity.

  • Gain proficiency in using various hacking tools and techniques to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in systems and networks.

  • Develop the skills to perform comprehensive security assessments and penetration tests on computer systems and networks.

  • Learn how to analyze and interpret the results of security assessments to prioritize and remediate identified vulnerabilities.

  • Acquire knowledge of ethical and legal guidelines governing the practice of ethical hacking, enabling ethical and responsible conduct in cybersecurity assessments and penetration testing.

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