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Product Management

Product Management

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“Responsible AI is not just about liability — it's about ensuring what you are building is enabling human flourishing.”

Course Description:

Product Management is a comprehensive course designed to equip learners with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field of product management. Through a combination of theoretical learning and practical exercises, participants will gain insights into the entire product lifecycle, from ideation to launch and beyond. The course covers essential topics such as market research, product development, user experience design, and product marketing. Participants will also learn how to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams, prioritize features, and make data-driven decisions to drive product success.

Modules Covered:

Module 1: What is Product Management?
Module 2: Strategically Understanding a Company
Module 3: Creating an Opportunity Hypothesis
Module 4: Validating Your Hypothesis
Module 5: From Idea to Action
Module 6: Working with Design
Module 7: Working with Engineering
Module 8: Bringing Your Product to Market
Module 9: Finishing the Product-Development Life Cycle

Training Outcome:

  • Understand the fundamentals of product management, including its role in business strategy and the product development process.

  • Learn techniques for conducting market research and gathering user feedback to identify market needs and opportunities.

  • Develop skills in product ideation, prioritization, and roadmap planning to align product development with organizational goals.

  • Gain proficiency in communication and collaboration with stakeholders, engineers, designers, and other cross-functional teams to execute product strategies effectively.

  • Acquire knowledge of key metrics and analytics tools to measure product performance, iterate on features, and continuously improve the user experience.

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